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Walk With Ease

Learn safe, relaxing and enjoyable ways to make walking part of your everyday life. You'll start walking and stay active. Develop and sustain a personal plan to make walking a daily part of your life.

About the class

This six-week class meets three times a week for forty-five minutes to one hour. The class combines self-paced walks with discussions or information about health-related topics. You’ll: 

  • Motivate yourself to get in great shape 
  • Walk safely and comfortably 
  • Improve your flexibility, strength and stamina  
  • Reduce pain and feel great 

Walk With Ease® is an evidence-based program developed by the Arthritis Foundation in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

“The leaders don’t push you. They let you do what you can do, and they make it fun.”
— Walk With Ease class Participant

Benefits of the class

  • Reduce join pain 
  • Feel great while getting in shape 
  • Learn how to walk safely, comfortably and at your own pace 
  • Meet new friends 
  • Become more involved in your community and with your neighbors 

Who should take the class

This class is for anyone with arthritis or who want to get more physical activity. It is particularly suited for people who: 

  • Are an adult with arthritis, or other ongoing health issues 
  • Can be on their feet for ten minutes without increased pain 
  • Have shoes that are safe for walking 
  • Want to improve their confidence in their ability to manage symptoms 
  • Want to improve balance, strength, and walking pace  

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