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Flourish: Are you at risk for high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is very common in older adults due to the changes in our vascular system. Over time, arteries become stiffer and can cause blood pressure to rise. High blood pressure affects nearly half of all adults but many don’t know they have it. Read More

Flourish: Do you have arthritis?

Arthritis is defined as pain, tenderness and swelling in one or more joins. One common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis where the slippery tissue covering the end of the bones break down. Symptoms of this disease vary but usually include pain, stiffness, swelling, redness and decrease range of motion. Read More

Flourish: Walking in slick conditions

March may mean spring for some, but for Minnesotans it can still have a winter footprint. Learn ways to protect yourself and ways to brave the storm until spring. Read More

Happy Women's History Month!

Celebrate Women's History Month by learning more about women's health and ways of keeping yourself and others healthy. Read More

Flourish: Preventing Medication Mistakes

Do you take steps to prevent medication errors? Read More
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