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Flourish: Tune-up Your Diet to Prevent Diabetes

Did you know that 88 million American adults have pre-diabetes? A pre-diabetes diagnosis can set off alarm bells, but it doesn’t have to lead to Type 2 diabetes. Read More

Flourish: Laughter is the best medicine

"Over the long-term, laughter can improve your immune system, relieve pain and improve your mood." — Mayo Clinic Read More

6 Tips for Reducing Falls in Winter

By Sara Lindquist, MD, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Read More

Paynesville SAILers Build Strength and Stamina

The SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Life) class at the Paynesville Area Senior Center in Paynesville, MN, is positively impacting the lives of Paynesville residents. Read More

Keep your home a safe haven this holiday season

Stay and look when you cook! Keep an eye on what you fry! Stand by your pan! These are just a few of the catchy phrases you’ll hear from local fire departments and fire safety experts when talking about home fire safety. Our homes are where we spend most of our time, and therefore should be safe havens. Read More
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