Take charge of your health

Flourish: Five lifestyle tips for men

Did you know that men are 24% less likely to visit their doctor for regular check-ups than are women? Source: HealthPartners Read More

Flourish: Prevent or Manage Health Conditions

Did you know that in 2015, three million people in Minnesota had at least one chronic disease and one million had two or more chronic diseases? Source: Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease Read More

Flourish: Lean protein for strong bodies and hearts

Did you know that health experts recommend we eat about 1 gram of protein each day for each 2.75 pounds of weight? Source: Harvard Health Read More

Flourish: A healthy lifestyle: a protective measure against dementia

Did you know that 5.8 million people in the U.S. have dementia? 5.6 million are over the age of 65. Source: CDC Read More

Flourish: Easing Arthritis during Arthritis Month

Did you know that 47% of Minnesotans have arthritis? Source: CDC. Read More
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