Participant Stories

Telephone Reassurance Makes Upcoming Surgery Easier for Janet Dunbar

Janet Dunbar of Menahga, Minnesota, met Annie Cole, a Juniper wellness engagement specialist, when Annie called Janet to introduce her to Juniper. At the time, Annie didn’t know how much Janet needed her call. Read More

Diabetes Prevention Program Helps Keep Kathy Jacobson at Prediabetic Status

Kathy Jacobson says she has witnessed the horrors of diabetes. She lost her 62-year-old mother to the disease, and her brother was the same age when he passed away. “My brother had a lot of foot neuropathy, and other complications. I’ve been prediabetic for a while, and it was time to do something to prevent the same outcome for myself.” Read More

Rural Seniors Benefit From Pandemic-Driven Remote Fitness Boom

by Christina Saint Louis - This article is by KHN and was first published on January 17, 2023 Read More

Retired Dentist Believes Healthy Bodies Bring Healthy Smiles

When Yvonne Hanley retired after 40 years as a dentist, she went from filling cavities in Fergus Falls, MN, to filling people’s lives with a program known for improving health. Read More

Voices of Participants and Class Leaders

Do you want to know what participants and leaders say about Juniper classes? Watch these videos. Read More

“Living Room Language” Makes Managing Diabetes Doable

When Curt Stockford and his wife, Meredith, learned about the Juniper Living Well with Diabetes class, their first thought was for others. But when he took the class himself, Curt says he made “huge leaps” in taking better care of himself. Read More

Best Friends Lose Combined 146 Pounds

After participating in a Juniper Diabetes Prevention Program and making changes in what they ate and increasing their activity, these two best friends each lost more than 70 pounds. Read More

Tai Ji Quan: A Life-Changing Experience

Jane Lindsey was a pediatric occupational therapist looking forward to retirement when she was hit with two life-changing events. Her husband, John, was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer and passed away, turning Jane’s world upside down. Read More

Zoom in for Health and Social Connections

After leaving the isolation of her assisted living apartment and moving in with her daughter, Joyce Watson of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and her daughter participated in a Juniper Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance class. Read More

Overcoming Fear of Falling: A Trip You Don’t Want to Take!

Fear of falling has kept Patti Ihrke of Stillwater, MN, from enjoying outdoor walks and activities. Diagnosed with lupus in 1974, her bones have become brittle. Medications and low blood sugar cause dizziness that makes her unstable on her feet. Read More
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