Participant Stories

Voices of Participants and Class Leaders


Do you want to know what participants and leaders say about Juniper classes? Watch these videos.

Carmel San Juan, Juniper leader, East Side Neighborhood Services says Juniper classes can reduce the fear of falling, and the risk of falling, and create a sense of community.


Frank Brandon, Juniper participant, recommends Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance for anyone who needs help with balance and core strength.


Gail Johnson, Juniper leader, CommonBond talks about how the Juniper helps communities to take charge of their health.


Melissa Winn, Juniper participant, talks about how Juniper classes help create mindfulness, improve balance and create joy in learning new things.


Cheryl Lanigan, Juniper leader, Faith Community Nurse Network talks about how valuable it is that participants in Juniper classes bond with each other.


Dale Scholz, participant in Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance and Stay Active and Independent for Life talks about how the classes have helped him feel stronger, have a better attitude, and move easier.


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