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Social Connect

Social Connect includes gentle movement, quiet meditation and an opportunity to connect with peers. Learn to take time to notice and reflect upon positive experiences.

illustration of a women in a wheel chair in front of a computer participating in a social connect class

About the class

This six-week class meets either twice a week for three weeks or once a week for six weeks. Each class is forty-five minutes. You will learn about ways to reduce stress and practice gratitude. Sessions conclude with an opportunity to ask questions, share, and interact with other participants. Managing stress will help you feel more alive, sleep better, be more compassionate, and even have a more robust immune system. Social Connect is an evidence-informed program.

Benefits of the class

  • Learn ways to calm body tension  
  • Celebrate the good things in life  
  • Meet new friends 
  • Provide support and encouragement to your peers 
  • Become more involved in your community and with your neighbors 

Who should take the class

This class is for adults looking for opportunities to connect, do light exercise and practice mindfulness for stress reduction.  

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